What did ex-fiance say about the suicide ?

What did Shanta Singh Rajput's ex-fiance say next when she was told about the suicide?

Bollywood actor Shashant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging from a fan. She was shocked when the news of her death reached her ex-fianc.

On the other hand, actor Prag Tyagi, who co-starred with Shashant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande in the drama serial "Putar Rishta", told a TV channel that the news had shaken the entire Putar Rishta team. "I have also spoken to Ankita. She, like us, has been broken by this news. Everyone is speechless about what has happened. Ankita could not believe this news."

It may be recalled that Shashant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande became friends on the set of a grandchild relationship which later turned into love and the two fell in love. The two lived together for about 6 years, but broke up shortly before the 2016 wedding.

Shashant Singh Rajput had announced in an interview that he would marry Ankita in December 2016 but later he started getting work in films while Ankita did not have any special job after the grandson relationship which caused distance between the two. Began to happen and separated before marriage.

The Times of India called his ex-fianc ان Ankita Lokhande to comment on the death of Sshant Singh Rajput. When Ankita was told that Shashant Singh Rajput had committed suicide, the actress further said "NO" and hung up.

The Indian newspaper says that like many others, actress Ankita Lokhande could not believe the death of her ex-fianc and fellow actor.


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