Poultry farms could cause more dangerous epidemics than corona

Poultry farms could cause more dangerous epidemics than corona

The new pandemic will wipe out half the world, warns US nutritionist

A nutritionist in the United States has warned that large-scale poultry farming could spread a more dangerous epidemic than the corona virus, which will wipe out half the world's population. In his new book, How to Survive a Panademic "Diseases found in poultry products are even more dangerous to humans than the corona virus," wrote Dr. Michael Gregor.

Dr. Gregor says that as long as we continue to depend on meat, people will continue to be exposed to new diseases. A report published in the Daily Telegraph states that Dr. Gregor is a vegetarian himself. The virus spreads rapidly from one person to another as a result of epidemics, he said.
This is not a matter of 'if this happens' but of 'when will this happen'.
He warned that if this new epidemic came to the world, it would come from overcrowded and unhygienic poultry farms. On the other hand, the Pakistan Poultry Association has spread the corona virus in chicken on social media and newspapers. Pakistan Poultry Association Northern Region Vice Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Fargham has strongly denied the baseless news of the presence of corona virus in chicken through private bloggers on social media for the past few days. The Pakistan Poultry Association vehemently denies all the rumors circulating.

On March 24, 2020 at the University of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Javed Akram and Prof. Muhammad Ashraf Nizami President, Pakistan Medical Association, Dr. Somia Iqtdar General Secretary Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine, Prof. Zarfsha Dean, Institute of Public Health, Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha Vice Chancellor, University of Education, Dr. Muhammad Nasir General Secretary, Pakistan Society of Food Sciences and Technology, Prof. Masood Sadiq President, Pakistan Pediatric Association and Dr. Tariq Mahmood Mian President, Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians after much scholarly deliberation For several days in a row, the doctors have been telling the media that in order to boost the human body's immune system, all doctors have recommended that every individual, family, society and state should eat high quality protein foods such as milk, poultry, meat, fish and eggs. Promote a balanced diet and contact one of the above 8 medical institutions for treatment of the existing disease at the state level.

Also, the Ministry of National Food Security, Government of Pakistan and Poultry Research Institute, Government of Punjab discourage such misleading propaganda which is affecting the consumption of nutritious and healthy chicken meat.

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