A small habit that boosts the immune system and reduces weight

A small habit that boosts the immune system and reduces weight, scientists also confirmed

Drinking lemonade in hot water in the morning is a habit of almost all prominent showbiz personalities and models.
There is also ample evidence that adding lemons to hot water not only improves the digestive system but also helps in boosting the immune system as well as weight loss.
According to a recent study, this habit improves the digestive system, speeds up the metabolism and boosts the immune system by increasing the amount of vitamin C in the body.
According to research conducted by medical doctor Naveed Saleh MDMS, drinking hot water prevents the body from bloating and helps in digestion of things.
Speaking on a TV show, supermodel Rumi Sturge from the Netherlands said that drinking lemons in hot water at 8 in the morning significantly increases vitamin C. But still feeling healthy.
If you drink it in the morning, it improves your digestive system.
It also boosts immunity and reduces weight.
According to research, one lemon juice contains thirty-seven milligrams of "C".
And that's half the daily human need.
Women should take 75 mg of vitamin C a day while men should take 90 mg of vitamin C a day.
Be careful not to put lemons in boiling water. Add lemon juice to unusually hot water.


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