Trump angry on Twitter

Twitter imposed fact check warning on Trump's tweet, now Trump is threatening Twitter:

Twitter first added the label of Fact Check to a tweet by US President Donald Trump. Since then, Trump has been accusing Twitter of interfering in the 2020 American presidential election.

Micro-blogging website Twitter added the warning label to the tweet of US President Donald Trump. This warning label is to tell that the trump has tweeted is wrong.

After this step of Twitter, Donald Trump is now accusing Twitter of stopping free speech and interfering in the presidential election. Not only this, in the latest tweet, he has written on Twitter threatening that big action will be taken soon.

In the latest tweet, Trump has said, 'Twitter has now shown that what we were saying is correct. Big action will be taken '. Currently, after Trump's tweet, no statement has come from Twitter.

It is not clear what kind of action it will take. But he has also said earlier that the social media service should either be regulated or shut down.
Donald Trump has tweeted. In it, he has written that big action will be taken on Twitter soon. Significantly, even before this, Trump has pulled Twitter, but this time it looks serious

On the fact check tagging of Twitter, US President Trump has said that this micro blogging website is affecting the American election and is working to stop free speech.

In a tweet made earlier, He has said, 'Twitter is now interfering in the presidential election of 2020. They are saying that my statement given about mail in ballot is wrong. This is done by Fake News CNN and Amazon's Washington Post has done it.

Donald Trump has also said, 'Twitter is completely strangling free speech and I will not allow it as president'.

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