plane crashes in Karachi’s Model Colony

Plane Crashes in Karachi’s Model Colony

The A-320 plane was about to land at the KARACHI Airport. At 2:34pm the Aircraft was at a height of 275 Ft when it decided to land on Airport. But The plane  then it went up in the air again. At 2:40pm, when the height of plane was 525ft, the connection with the Aircraft was lost.

The Pakistan International Airlines CEO Arshad Malik said that the last message of the pilot was that there was a Technical Fault in plane. The pilot was told that the two runways were ready for landing but He wanted to turn around and then land. CEO of PIA  was on the way to Karachi and will visit the crash site.

Aviation Expert ZAFAR IQBAL said: "IT's suspected that there was structural damage to the Aircraft . It might have been a Bird or Something else" 

The Aircraft crash on  6 homes, causing their roofs to Destroy. According to the Aviation Division, the Pilot had given the Emergency signal to the Karachi Airport.

An emergency was declared at the airport as charred bodies were being retrieved from the Plane, according to News reporters, who was present there.

The SINDH Police and SINDH Rangers were trying to move people away from the plane crash so they could rescue people easily. Army QRF had also reached the crash site to help them.

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