No decision to postpone T20 World Cup: ICC

No decision to postpone T20 World Cup: ICC

A spokesman for the International Cricket Council (ICC) has said that it has not been decided to postpone the T20 World Cup, adding that preparations for the T20 World Cup will continue in Australia. A International Cricket Council spokesman, said in a statement that the T20 World Cup was on the agenda of the International Cricket Council board meeting, which would consider the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Indian media is spreading false propaganda about the T20 World Cup that it could be postponed till February or 2022 next year due to the challenge of movement of 15 teams due to the corona virus epidemic. It was also said that if the tournament is postponed till 2022, then the scheduled T20 World Cup in India in 2021 will not be affected. The Indian Cricket Board had also expressed its intention to host IPL 2020 in case of postponement of the World Cup. However, on the other hand, the Pakistan Cricket Board has opposed postponing the World Cup for next year. The next season of SL may be affected.

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