COVID-19: Where to go for Asian Americans suffering from epidemic discrimination:

COVID-19: Where to go for Asian Americans suffering from epidemic discrimination:

Although she was not born in the United States, Liu Wen's American life has nothing to do with "not America." She went to watch rugby games, burn the American drama "Sex and the City", and volunteer as a charity organization.

Before the new crown epidemic, Liu Wen, 31, did not think much about the fact that he was an East Asian person living in Austin, Texas. 

But the situation is different now. The New Corona virus has killed more than 100,000 people in the United States, and Asian identity may have caused disaster here. For many people, including Liu Wenlai, they already feel threatened.

According to Liu Wen, several strangers shouted at a local Korean friend, shoved her at a local supermarket, and asked her to leave the shop. It was all because she was Asian and she was wearing a mask.

In many U.S. states including New York, California and Texas, East Asians have reported spitting, punching and kicking, and even a case of stabbing.

In the United States, prejudice against Asians has grown, and many of them, regardless of whether they have experienced violence, bullying or unfair treatment, have begun to think about their place in American society.

After her friend experienced the supermarket dispute, Liu Wen made up her mind to buy the first gun in her life. 

She hopes that he will never need to use this gun, "That would be a very, very bad situation, I don't even want to imagine."

Police in New York City and Los Angeles say that hate crimes against Asians have increased, and San Francisco State University and various advocacy groups have stated that their joint reporting center has received more than 1,700 cases with the new crown Virus-related discrimination report.

In 13 states, including Texas, Washington, New Jersey, Minnesota, and New Mexico, the police dealt with reported hate incidents.

Critics say that those with high weight add fuel to the situation. Both President Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden have encountered some accusations because the wording they used to talk about China's role in the epidemic has contributed to anti-Asian sentiment to varying degrees.

For many Asian Americans, while encountering prejudice, they feel that their identity as Americans has also been attacked.

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