Boris Johnson for positive results to ease lockdown

Boris Johnson for positive results to ease lockdown

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said during a news briefing on the easing of the lockdown that 377 more people have been killed in Corona and the total death toll has risen to 37,837.

Monitoring will continue in this regard, we will take steps in case of spread of virus at any place, we will ensure that those who are unable to work will be taken care of.

Boris Johnson said that 5 tests scheduled for easing the lockdown have yielded positive results. From Monday, primary school students will be able to go to school. 

From Monday, 6 people will be able to meet outside the home, taking care of social distance.

The British Prime Minister further said that after a long wait, people will have the opportunity to meet their friends and loved ones, people have to be vigilant and show responsibility.

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